As the [Rachel Macy Stafford] quote goes “Even when she wasn’t getting it “right” it didn’t mean her children were going to turn out wrong” – this is what I try to keep telling myself. We all know the deal – sometimes we’re winning and sometimes we’re not. Life with little people can be tough. […]

My greatest job as Mummy

I recently read a quote, posted on Instagram by @houseofwhite, that felt so appropriate for me; it felt so right. I’ve never really thought of life this way before – and it felt good. Like most mums I LOVE my kids. I love my family, my home, and just generally doing things with my little […]

have little people. will travel.

Travel. With kids. Some would just not go there; some have tried and failed, and some have conquered. It is not easy, well not at this [one and three] age at least. So – should you or shouldn’t you?! Little people will not stop us from traveling; it is our biggest love and what we […]


I have always wanted to write a blog. Pre-little people it was going to be more along the lines of cocktails, cafes and clubs, than tears, tantrums and toilet training. And wine – there is still common ground – I still talk a lot about wine! Have no fear – this blog will not be […]


On top of life with little people there is also just a hell of a lot going on in this stage of life – everyday, all the time. I continually find my self saying “after this” we will have some more time or some down time – but after “this” there is always something else. […]


Pre “little people” (as I like to call them) I was never going to be one of “those mums” whose life revolved around their kids or whose kids changed who they are; what they did, what they liked, what they believed, how they looked. Our kids were going to eat at the table, accompany me […]